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WheelPay is a completely FREE software system focused on helping micro gyms become better, more efficient, fiscally successful gyms while giving back to the community that helped build it. We will never charge for our payment processing platform. So what makes WheelPay different?

Processing Fees…FREE!

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1. Go to admin.wheelpay.com
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  3. Select Membership
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We want to impact our community through giving. We believe that giving starts through community and the strength of a community happens inside the walls of each and every gym. Empowering each community to help lift each other through selflessness will always be at the roots that help grow our tree.  WheelPay was founded by gym owners for gym owners to help grow not just our financial security but the growth of the communities that support us.  In the narrow space of community based gyms we have always wanted to provide more for both ourselves as business owners, and the incredible people for which it services. With WheelPay we can help grow our philanthropic organizations through giving and continue to see that on a small scale we can make a big impact.

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