WheelPay was founded out of a desire to help MicroGym Affliate owners by saving them on high-cost processing fees while simultaneously enabling them and their communities to give back to charities or non-profits of their choice. Meet the team working hard to make this vision a reality!


John Prescott


Kevin Todd


Kevin Todd, a 15 year bank card veteran, founded Merchant Match Charity after growing weary of the common industry confusion around fees and transaction charges to merchants. In a move to set his company apart from the competition, Kevin created Merchant Match Charity, which allows merchants to convert the necessary costs of credit card processing fees into a way to give back to the communities that support them. By redirecting a portion of the processing fees to charitable causes, Kevin has radically changed the transaction experience between consumer and merchant.

With his passion to teach the basic principles of giving with integrity and transparency, Kevin views his position as one called to lead the effort in a new movement that captures the heart of each entrepreneur with which his company partners. He sees that Merchant Match Charity is bigger than himself and his team, and prays that he would be able to communicate this effectively to business owners, charities, and the community at large.

The business owners he partners with are truly part of a community that is eager to make the world a better place and it is Kevin’s desire to develop a network that enables them to do so. While he realizes that money is not the only way to help, Kevin recognizes the role it plays in assisting those in need and has harnessed its power to do so by turning a necessary business expense into a tool to give back.

Kevin, who was a gymnast for many years in another life, is a recently converted CrossFitter who spends his free time with his beautiful wife DeeDee and teenage daughter Taylor, and playing drums in the best worship band in Raleigh, NC.

Nathan Head

Vice President

Nathan Head has been creating visual content for several years and has worked with organizations such as Pendo, Merchant Match, The Best Hour of their Day Podcast, The Forrest Firm, The North Carolina HomeOwners Association, multiple Crossfit affiliates, and non-profits like Project SAFEchild, Edenton Street United Methodist, Grace Raleigh, and Alamance Fine Arts Academy. Through this work he has become passionate about helping people and organizations find their voice through the power of media.

As a coach at Neuse River CrossFit, Nathan had been working closely for several years with its owner John Prescott when John expressed frustration at the exorbitant credit card transaction fees he was paying annually as a CrossFit affiliate owner. Nathan knew in that moment that he had to introduce John to Kevin Todd of Merchant Match, and the idea for WheelPay was born. 

Nathan is committed to helping WheelPay share stories of the lives around the world that will be touched through the use of this platform in the global micro-gym space. 

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